Two Dead after Sydney-to-Melbourne Train Accident

Train driver deadAt approximately 8:00 PM, an XPT Train with 160 passengers derailed on its tracks. It was reported that the passenger train is traveling from Sydney and is scheduled to arrive in Melbourne.


2 people are pronounced dead due to the crash. Reporter’s said that it was the train’s driver and pilot that died in the train crash. Victoria Police reported that a driver is a 54-year-old man from ACT and a pilot is a 49-year-old man from Castlemaine.


The crash injured 12 people, who were all taken to different hospitals. Those with minor injuries are rushed to Kilmore Hospital and Northern Hospital, while a passenger who suffered severe injuries is taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.


According to sources, V/Line has already reported errors on the tracks days before the incident happened. The cause of the train crash is still unknown and the authorities will conduct investigations and further questioning to have an exact reason.


Victoria Police, National Rail Safety Regulator, and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau will all be working together when it comes to the investigation of this train accident.


According to Victoria Police, they want to have the results of the investigation before the remains of the wreckage is cleared, and it will presumably take days to do so.


Acting Inspector Peter Fusinato said that most of the passengers only suffered minor injuries. The accident location and the scene itself according to Fusinato is tragic. “It would have been looking like a horrific scene.”


“I’ve just been down and walked the scene and yeah I’m very surprised that there weren’t more serious injuries,” he added.


Some passengers, approximately a dozen of them are still unidentified. This is mainly because the authorities didn’t have the chance to catch up with them because they left the accident scene.


Fusinato said that it would be better if these unidentified passengers would report to Crimestoppers so they would know their condition and they can already mark them accordingly. Those supposed to be passengers who have booked, but never ride the train are also encouraged to report as well.


The remaining passengers are well taken care of, and they have been transferred and transported safely to Melbourne.


The accident would be affecting a lot of train operation lines, according to the Victorian Department of Transport. Albury, Seymour and Shepparton lines are those who will be heavily affected.


According to a released statement, the Victorian, NSW, alongside several Federal sectors are going to support and compensate the victims of the train accident.



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