Typhoon Nesat Hits Philippines

(Photo: CNN and Reuters)

Typhoon Nesat slammed into the Philippines this morning bringing massive flood and destruction to properties with more than 10 people killed.  It has a diameter of 650 km and strong winds of 140 km per hour. The number of people affected by the devastation was reported to be more than 64,000 in the nine provinces of Luzon, the biggest island of the country.

In Metro Manila, residents were without power due to toppled electric posts while those living in low-lying areas were evacuated due to flash floods. There was cancellation and delays in both domestic and international flights while the rail network and ferry operations were stopped.  The main roads in the worst hit areas have been blocked by debris, uprooted trees and fallen billboards.

According to weather officials, Typhoon Pedring (local name) dropped 15-25 mm of rain an hour and flooded roads and villages on its path.  The water from Manila Bay overflowed and flooded Roxas Boulevard where the US embassy, Central Bank, Sofitel Hotel and other government offices are located.  In some parts of the area, the water was reported to be waist deep.  Classes and work in flooded areas have also been suspended

In the provinces, the strong winds and heavy rains caused landslides in the mountains and destroyed not only properties but also the agricultural crops. As early as Monday, the authorities have already ordered more than 100,000 people in coastal areas to evacuate to safer places and higher grounds.

At the moment government authorities cannot give the estimate of the damage and devastation.  Relief and rescue operations continue in Central Luzon provinces with some areas placed under state of emergency.

Typhoon Nesat is the 16th cyclone to hit the country this year.

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