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Dinner in the Sky

Doing the same thing over and over becomes too monotonous. That’s why we want to do things a little different from time to time, sometimes even things that are odd or unusual. Our natural cravings for anything that’s new lead people to come up with the most unusual, wacky concepts. Take these unique restaurants for example.

1. Hajime Robot Restaurant – Bangkok, Thailand

Futuristic, entertaining, and satisfying – this restaurant not only whets you appetite with their sumptuous and exotic Japanese cuisine; it also gives you the feel of living in the future. At first glance, it would look like any other Japanese restaurant. All of a sudden, dancing robots comes bursting at the scene, showing off their never-before-seen moves before serving you in their most polite and courteous manner.

2. Dinner in the Sky Restaurant – Las Vegas and Paris

Some people like the thrill and excitement of hovering over the city’s magnificent landscape while dining in a luxurious restaurant. You don’t need a plane ticket to experience this magical moment. Dinner in the sky consists of a dining table and chairs suspended 50 meters above the ground by a team of professionals. It gives the sensation of floating in the air like the Olympian gods. Dining in this exclusive restaurant makes one feel “sitting with the gods.”

3. ‘s Baggers Restaurant – Nuremberg, Germany

You might think of the restaurant’s name as a typo, but in fact the restaurant’s unique name tells something about this cozy and high tech restaurant. ‘s Baggers offers the best service in modern food preparation technology, using touch screen computers to get your orders and sent to you via metallic tracks right on top of your table. People who don’t like waiting or those who want their food served in an instant will surely love this ultramodern, high-tech restaurant. Their food is of the finest quality using no preservatives and no msg. It is the restaurant of the future.

's Baggers in Germany

It would be a great experience to treat yourself, your family, friends, and associates in one of these unique restaurants. It’s not just the quality food that makes this restaurant special but the unforgettable experience provided exclusively by these unique restaurants.

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