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Norway has a number of large cities and Oslo is the largest among them. It is the capital of Norway. It was established in 1049 through the effort of King Harald Hardrade as said by the Norse sagas. Later that time, archaeologists found out that Christian burials were already practiced earlier than 1000. It has been considered as the capital city in the year 1299-1319 during the supremacy of Hakon V. Oslo was ruined numerous times by fire. Subsequent to the fourteenth time calamity, King Christian IV restored it and named Christiania from 1624 to 1878 and from 1878-1924, it was named Kristiania.

It is at the head of Oslo Fjord the city is situated enclosed by forested and green hills. The Royal Family of Norway, the Parliament and the Government are in here as well. The people in Oslo speak Bokmål as it is their official language. Like other places around the world, Oslo has something to be proud of. Their one of a kind art and culture that is kept is really fantastic. Various attractions such as museums, parks, and a lot of historical sites are always worth visiting. Some of these are Akershus Castle and Fortress, FRAM Museum, TusenFryd Amusement Park, Vigeland Sculpture Park, The Viking Ship Museum, National Gallery, The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, Oslo Opera House, and The Kon-Tiki Museum.

As mentioned earlier, Oslo is surrounded by forested and green hills which are very ideal for outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, ice skating, kayaking, and hiking. Holmenkollen Ski Jump is very much known to people who love skiing especially in winter season. Not only that, there many other ideal places like Oslo Winter Park Tryvann and Frogner Ice Skating Rink/ Frohner Stadion to go during winter one could never miss visiting. Beaches and resorts are also found in the area where anyone who wants to wash off the stress they have by swimming can visit.

Tourists can enjoy their stay in Oslo by doing some sightseeing of the place’s natural beauty. This is possible traveling by land or by the sea. Tour around the town while riding on the vehicle of your choice and be mesmerized by the wonderful scenery around. Boats for sailing are also attainable to explore the place and have a glimpse of it. Transportation has never been a trouble for visitors in Oslo whether by bus, tram or metro which are available everywhere operated by Ruter. Oslo Pass is a kind of special pass that allows the holder a free ride on all public transportation as well as free admission to tourist attractions. Malls or large shopping centers are around the place where goods of good quality for your loved ones can be bought. In addition to that, travel guides are always ready to help foreigners to make their stay much pleasurable.

Safety is not a problem for travelers in Oslo because despite the fact that it is the largest city in Norway, the crime rate is very low. It is not dangerous to explore the streets even at night provided; places like bars, cafes and Central Station are avoided. But it is always safe to be careful especially in places that are packed of so many people.

Oslo is a place that can be visited at any season and anytime of the year. A lot of activities particularly the outdoor ones can be done in summer or even winter. The hot and the cold weather cannot spoil the vacation you will have spending it in Oslo. This is a place worth your visit, stay, time and money. Above all, it is rich in natural beauty that can give enjoyment and peace of mind to everyone. Travel Oslo and realize that the place is more fascinating than it is described here.



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