Wedding Rings Often Worn on a Person’s Third Finger: Cool and Interesting Facts About It

A wedding ring is a popular symbol of love and affection and it is often used during a wedding ceremony. The wearing of wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt, although these rings became even more popular and widely known during the 9th Century. The question is, why do most couple wear their wedding rings on their third finger?

A person’s third finger of his or her left hand is often chosen and used as the place where an engagement ring or wedding ring should stay. That is according to tradition. Why is this so? It is because the third finger is believed to contain the vein that leads directly to the heart. Although this belief does not have any scientific proof, the tradition still remains the same.

When a person wears his or her wedding ring on his/her third finger, this is practically a way for that person to tell everyone that he/she is engaged. When used in a wedding ceremony, the ring on the third finger symbolizes a profound sense of commitment and pledging himself/herself to someone else whom he/she considers as the better half of his/her life.

The origins

So, how old is the tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the third finger? The age of this tradition or customary practice can be traced back to ancient Roman times. During this era, it was believed that the third finger has the so-called Vena Amoris or Heart-Vene Amoris, a vein that leads and runs directly to the heart of a person. But why is it regarded as the third finger when it’s actually the fourth? It’s the third when counting starts with zero. Hence, 0 for the thumb, 1 for the index finger, two for the middle finger, third for the ring finger, and fourth for the pinkie.

Are there any rules?

There is actually no rule as far as wearing a wedding or engagement ring is concerned. However, it is often observed that it is the third finger is often used as the place where the ring is put to stay on. The answer is plain and simple – wearing your wedding ring on your third finger is customary and traditional and there is no question about that. In addition, having your wedding ring worn on your third finger is an effective way for you to show it to others.

A way to confirm

Of course, you don’t want other people to know about your engagement or upcoming wedding until you choose to declare and confirm it. Wearing an engagement ring on your third finger is an effective way to tell everyone that you are currently on your way to marrying someone in the near future. Basically, when a person wears an engagement or wedding ring, people around him/her can tell whether he/she is still available or is already taken. It’s definitely an effective way to play safe.

Left hand’s third finger

Countries like Russia, India, Germany, and Norway use the right hand’s third finger to place their wedding rings. This is commonly observed due to some reasons. For example, Russians want to wear wedding rings on their right hand’s third finger because the left hand speaks of deep emotions that are associated with sadness and this is something disrespectful on their part.

On the other hand, there are also certain countries that have a strong faith in using the left hand’s third finger as the ultimate place of a wedding ring.

No matter where you want to wear your wedding ring, remember that there is no specific rule for it. Wear it where it can make a beautiful statement out of you and in a place where you can preserve it.


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