Wettest and Hottest Summer in Australia

After 37 years,  Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane had the wettest summer and this was due to the La Nina phenomenon.  On record, this was also the strongest La Nina that brought almost a meter of rain to the city, more than the 1974 most wet summer.

The northern part of QLD had experienced the most heavy summer rain. The unusual rainfall had spread across the state and caused severe flash floodings. During this period three tropical cyclones with massive rainfall and intense winds also hit the state and caused damages to infrastructure, properties, crops  and even lost of lives.  As a result of the devastation, QLD was declared a disaster area and has been receiving continuous support from the government and private sector for its rebuild.

On the other hand, Sydney had its driest summer in 8 years. The capital city of New South Wales escaped the heavy rain and flooding but the temperatures soared to above normal both in daytime and overnight. The residents experienced heat wave in February and for consecutive days the temperatures rose above 30 degrees.

Now that it is autumn time, weather officials predicted that Brisbane is expected to receive less rain while Sydney will be having its wettest months.

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