What You Should Know About The Marijuana Derivative, CBD

CBDCannabis has always been a controversial topic for many but the emergence of various products and the increasing support in the plant has made things better. One of the recent developments in the cannabis industry is the emergence of CBD products. Not many know what this is but we’ve got a quick introductory guide to it.


What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis. There are thousands of cannabinoids in cannabis plants but CBD and THC are the most prominent. It is typically found in higher concentrations on hemp and medical marijuana and scientists believe that there are numerous health benefits to it.


For instance, CBD is known to help with symptoms of epilepsy including the condition itself. It is so effective, the DFA even approved a CBD-based epilepsy drug called Epidiolex last year. Aside from this, CBD is also able to relieve pain, inflammation, among other things.


Recent studies on CBD are diving into its other medical benefits. These include its capacity to prevent certain cancers, as well as cardiovascular diseases. Because of what it can do and what else it is capable of, CBD is gaining traction across the world, making it a potential medical breakthrough.


How is it consumed?

CBD is consumed in a multitude of ways. Manufacturers typically extract the product from marijuana or hemp plants, and what results is a highly concentrated oil. The oil is then used as a primary ingredient for various products such as edibles, oils, vape liquids, creams, and more.


As it is a versatile ingredient, people can easily get into using CBD as there are several ways to consume it. One way or the other, people will find a method that suits them the most.


Is it legal?

Technically, CBD isn’t illegal. Marijuana is illegal because of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, another cannabinoid. This causes the controversial “high” people get from consuming marijuana. As some manufacturers are able to isolate CBD from cannabis plants, they are able to create risk-free products.


At drug tests, what is most commonly checked for is THC. CBD products such as oils, crystal dabs, and edibles typically have 0.3 THC which is not detectable by drug tests. Whether or not CBD is illegal is confusing as it is an emerging sector of cannabis. For now, however, it seems like there’s a positive outlook on it.


CBD may not be as big as marijuana now but considering the support rallying behind it, it will; only be a matter of time before it grows bigger.



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