Winter Storms Hit Countries Around the World

Champaign, Illinois (Photo: CNN)

Most often a rare phenomenon called winter storm affects thousands of household in the U.S. alone. A winter storm can last for up to a couple of days, with the households trapped inside their houses, with no accessibility to utilities and other services.

Pipes are clogged, so some basic functions of a bathroom or kitchen break down, and communication lines can also be affected due to freezing rain. Winter storms are also accompanied by sleet, high speed winds, very cold temperature as well as heavy snowfall.

Winter Storms around the World

United States—as the winter storm came last December 9 and moved across the US, a lot of people became affected, 350 flights are cancelled, and in Albany NY, winter storm left 14 inches piles of snow.

In Maine, York Country, it has been reported by AccuWeather that 17 inches mounds of snow are around the area, with temperatures below 20 degrees freezing point.

There are several accidents that also happened during the course of winter storm in the roadways, particularly in Northeast and Midwest USA. Although it swept through New York, Boston as well as Philadelphia, major areas are not heavily affected by it.

Although winter storm is feared, it is also a silver lining for those who love skiing. According to Loon Mountain Resort, “All the snow has made conditions amazing” and added, “Get ready for some excellent Monday skiing, a good day to take the slopes”.

Middle East—While it may seem fine in USA to feel winter storms, in Middle East, people experience it as a very harsh weather especially in Syria where refugee camps are covered with blanket of snow. According to the spokesman of the National Coalition (opposition party), there are already 2 children who have died due to the cold weather.

Caught unguarded, Cairo, the city which didn’t experience snow for the last 112 years, wasn’t expecting the winter storm coming. Among other areas affected are Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and the territories in Palestine. The winter storm named “Alexa” left Cairo with devastation, so the World Food Program are working hand in hand to distribute fuel as well as heating for the people displaced by the storm.

With the intensity of winter storm, Jerusalem has also been covered with blankets of snow. Meanwhile, in the eastern Lebanon, Bekaa Valley, where tent camps are crowded and most populated, temperature dropped significantly during the evening, causing some tents to collapse and made their floor muddy.

Despite the harsh weather, people went out and enjoyed the moment since it’s been a long time they haven’t experienced snow. They created snow man and many other activities during winter. UNICEF offered help by giving about 75,000 winter kits which includes warm clothes for the kids, particularly in isolated areas in Lebanon.

Europe—In Europe, the December 6, 2013 winter storm caused the loss of 10 lives. Named as “Xaver”, this winter storm created a storm surge on the coastal areas of Europe, particularly on the Northern and Eastern part of Europe where Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom lies. The storm surge has been reported as high as 6 meters to 13 meters which never happened after 60 years ago. In Poland and other parts of Europe, electricity has been cut off in 100,000 residents, and trees have been uprooted from their place overnight.

Canada—Canada may not be the luckiest among them all since after the strong winter blast happened 3 days ago, another winter storm came to their country once more. The storm swiftly crossed in Ontario and Quebec, and approached Maritime Provinces by Sunday. The strong force of the winds from the winter storm caused power lines to breakdown so thousands of residents are suffering from power outage.

In Atlantic Canada, the other storm carrying heavy loads of snow and high winds produced 30 centimeters of snow around New Brunswick, P.E.I., as well as Nova Scotia. Winds are one of the issues in Atlantic Canada especially for today’s winter storm since snow is already filled their grounds. Warnings are raised especially on Cape Breton and Newfoundland.

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