World’s Largest Solar Bridge

May 30, 2012 | Interesting Facts

Blackfriars Bridge, London

London astounded the world by creating the world’s first and largest solar bridge.  This is one of the preparations that they have made for the 2012 Olympics.  The city has not only participated for a cleaner and greener world by having solutions like this;  it has also  shown the world that it really can be done.

Blackfriars Bridge was a no ordinary bridge since it has been installed with 4,400 solar photovoltaic panels enough to generate 900,000 kilowatt hours of electricity every year.

The bridge was one of the engineering marvels centuries ago and now it has led the world with a giant step forward to show the world how to have clean, economical energy and a solution for a more renewable and sustainable energy. It also comes with rain harvesting system and sun pipes for natural lighting. This truly is a great leap forward in the effort towards lessening the fossil fuel emissions.

The bridge is not only meant to be an iconic symbol, nor just an attraction in the Olympic games; it’s an inspiration to look for better solutions in our fight against global warming.

London is a place with many unique bridges, but this one would surely outshine the rest as “the fairest of them all.” It also showed the world that making preparations for the Olympics should not only be for the show but for saving energy as well.

The Victorian style bridge is truly a history maker as it reduces CO2 emissions to an estimated 500 tons per year. The project does all that while providing power to half of the station’s electrical needs. The solar panels that have been installed are known to be three times cheaper and would be more efficient. On top of that, harnessing the solar energy is not destructive to the environment.

London demonstrated to the world their seriousness about solar energy as they have plenty of establishments that make use of the energy from the sun. Solar energy is incomparable to energy from fossil fuels. It would take millions of year to develop fossil fuels while solar is quite renewable. And the best thing is, it is non-polluting. As oil prices fluctuate in big margins, London shows us the simple step to saving energy, seriously.


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