Worst Places To Travel For Solo Travelers

Worst places to travel soloTravelling is all fun and adventure until somebody gets hurt. It’s not easy being a traveler and at some rare occasions, you can even find yourself in unexpected trouble. There’s nothing worse than ending up in serious issues while you’re in an unknown land and you are a new traveler or are alone.


When it comes to traveling abroad, you need to understand that there are countries that accommodate newbie travelers – these are places that don’t require extensive traveling experience. On the other hand, there are some countries which could be dangerous for newbies and loners as well and these are some places that you should avoid.



Syria is a wonderful place in the Middle East and contrary to popular belief, this country isn’t all hot desert and unpopulated forests. Syria is filled with bustling cities and remarkable sites – at least it used to be. The place is dangerous for just about everyone as it’s currently ravaged by local civil war.


Not only would it be difficult to get to Syria, staying there for a long time is very dangerous as well.


North Korea

North Korea is widely different from South Korea. North Koreans are fairly limited and there are reports that they are being abused by the government as well. Press freedom is very tight in the country and even tourists’ actions are controlled as well.


If you are planning on visiting North Korea, make sure that you are accompanied by someone who has been there several times already.



Thailand is like a double-edge sword for travelers. The truth is that it is one of the most cheaply foreign land you can travel to. At the same time, it’s also dangerous as there are a lot of local criminals that try to take advantage of foreigners. No matter what you do to look like an experienced traveler, you’ll be sticking out like a sore thumb.


If you really can’t help yourself but visit Thailand, try to avoid locals who are offering you “the cheapest tours” around Thailand.



Mexico has countless tourist destinations but there are dangers that come with it as well. What’s most worrying about Mexico are the drug cartels that terrorize the cities and communities. Avoid running in with them at a costs.


These are just some of the places that you should avoid if you are a first time traveler. There is a time when you should give them a visit but you shouldn’t if you’ve yet to accumulate your traveler miles.


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