Situational Crisis in the Middle East

It is too tough to stop rebellious wars against neighboring countries within the Middle East continent as to its present condition. The battle is nearly inevitable and for civilians in the community, they are still waiting for God’s help to bring harmony and tranquility.

From weapons of mass destruction to protest insignificant constitutional law, painful trials have sunk the Middle East into an excruciating history. Here are a few reports that broadcast conflicts to world news headlines:

  • Global issues have perceived terrorism in the land of Islamic borders of the Middle East such as in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Israel. Currently, reporters still doubt for the struggles of natural resources that happen to claim either parties to own it or rather fight for it. The political spectrum has been crucial since 2001 when BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera noticed the use of nuclear bombs as their way to abolish human rights.
  • According to US officials, they observed the war to be enormous. With weapons of mass destruction to launch an attack, the outcomes could be massive and inconceivable. Ballistic missiles and other chemical weapons were already processed and ready to show the world how they can desolate Israel. Iraq news had also mentioned to US authorities about their enterprise towards manufacturing nuclear weapons. From here, we can observe the preparation yet intensive battle that everyone awaits in the future.
  • March 2003 arrived and things are still not smooth in the Arab nation. As told from the press conference regarding the shares of the disputed land to Israel by US President Bush, the intentions of war against Iraq became an inconsiderate issue especially by the treatment of Saddam Hussein to the Israelis. The conflict got even worst when appointing for a new Palestinian Prime Minister during the reign to stop war from occurring and instead set peace among the nation.
  • Once again, Al Jazeera news reported another struggle in Israel. The year 2006 was not easy for Israelis and thus, asserted the fight between Gaza Strip and the lower border of Lebanon. The withdrawal plans became a compromise towards gaining restraint or failure to respond to the plan. Hence, the issue aggravated to an unpredictable aftermath whether to push the war through or settle at its best.
  • Five years after the provocation in Israel’s withdrawal controversy, April 2011 marked the strife in Libya. Muammar Qadhafi has reigned over the nation for 4 decades. However, his habits of threatening civilians are inhumane. As the action grew spontaneous, the crisis called out to step down the leader into a tremendous fall back.

The status quo of the Arab nations never last a day without surpassing the conflict against terrorism. The real question of ending the war is undeniable, but subjecting for humanitarian peace is what matters to the nation. Should manufacturing nuclear weapons stop, we can all unite as one serene nation.





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