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Why is the Ivy League & What you need to know about the schools

The Ivy League represents a group of eight (8) prestigious Universities in the United States known for their high academic standards, rich history & very significant contributions to education and society worldwide. These institutions include Harvard University, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell & the University of Pennsylvania. For overseas students researching university options, understanding […]

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Benefits having the right Promotional Products to promote your business

If you are hosting or attending a trade show this year, you will probably want to start thinking about your trade show marketing materials now. Trade show marketing comes in many types, but none is more dramatic than promoting the right printed coffee mugs or custom stubby coolers. The value of promotional items like these […]

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Marketing Strategy Must-Do’s.

A well planned and clear-cut marketing strategy is essential for business growth. However, most small and medium businesses face challenges in planning and executing a viable strategy and end up in losses or poor performance. So why is a marketing strategy the most powerful tool for growth? The reasons are simple and straightforward! First, the […]

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Interesting Facts about Hurricanes in the USA

Hurricanes are enormous storms with an eye at the center that produces winds that can reach a speed of 320km/hr. They form over warm ocean waters. In most cases, they hit land and cause massive flooding leading to the destruction of property and displacement of millions of people. When it reaches the ground, it pushes […]

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Guide to Visiting Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia is one of the most exciting destinations in the world, with plenty to do regardless of what you are interested in. There are plenty of exciting urban attractions, but there is also the natural beauty of the beach close by. There are many different Sydney tours you can choose from, but you can […]

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Sleeping Giant Awakes after 400 years: Mount Sinabung Eruption

Videos have gone viral after Mount Sinabung erupted just a few days ago on Feb 19; sending a plume of ashes over 10 miles into the atmosphere, covering villages in darkness, and breaking it’s 400-year silence with a big bang. Mount Sinabung, located on Sumatra island, Indonesia, was last known to have erupted in the […]

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Asia Pacific Holidays – 2017 Asia Travel Tips

Asia Pacific Holidays: How To Choose The Best Hotel For an Awesome Stay The year is fast coming to a dramatic end and just like you always do, you just want to get into the New Year in style an away from Australia. Last year you ushered in the New Year in the far west, […]

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A Tribute to the Death of Famous Faces in 2016

We’ve witnessed a lot of famous celebrities who have sadly passed away this 2016 but their memories and legacy through their music, movies and performances will always remain in our hearts. Before this year ends, we want to pay tribute to what they have done when they were still with us. Starting on how the […]

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