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Remember how printed magazine and newspapers land in our footsteps every morning when we were still a kid. Breakfast composed of hot cocoa, pancakes and maple syrup seems incomplete without it on our parent’s hand. However, as we enter the era where everything can be done with an instant click, digital publishing seems promising. Different articles concerning animals, computer games, music business and finance, consumer affairs that are published online via worldwide web are sometimes called a webzine, websites that can deliver fresh news in a short span of time after it happened.

It is told that as we face changes, pros and cons is undeniable. Online magazine seems to be more convenient since you don’t have to wait for the next morning to read sensational news published on papers. Web magazines are also equipped with page flip effect nowadays, which totally captures the essence of a real magazine, and although the excitement of flipping the pages and that remarkable scent of printed materials still impresses a number of people going digital is undeniably better.

Online publishing scheme has been practiced by local and foreign newspapers. Since the economy in printing has been declining, some companies are already using digital publishing software in order to get back some revenues.  You have to register online and pay thru credit card or PayPal to have a daily access to the world most recent news and anything new in earth. From Justin Timberlake hater’s to the new tuning engine cars like Lamborghini LP400.

Online Magazine software could resolve lots of other issues. Financial issues may be the main concern. If you can’t afford a daily supply of newspaper, then read it in the office where a connection to the internet is available. How about on paper problems? Paper can be a problem when there’s plenty of it inside your home or office. It can accommodate more dust and if you don’t have s shredder you’ll end up with lots of this stuff on your house

Despite the pros, there are also some cons with web publishing. The first one would be the authenticity or originality of the data. Some news company in the goal of delivering information as fast as possible accidentally put wrong information which sometimes confuses the readers. IPad users when downloading the IPad magazine version should also beware of the viruses some application could bring and avoid downloading unless you’re sure of the sites reputation.

Even with its ups and downs, online magazine is in the trend for so many reasons but in the end, you as a reader have all the freedom to choose between the web version and the printed one so make sure to choose what you think is better.



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