Email Marketing Benefits

Interesting Facts about Email Marketing Benefits

Numerous business owners and companies are using email marketing as one of their core digital marketing strategies. Surely, they are very satisfied with its cost-effective ability to return favorable and very satisfying results.

Email marketing helps them to achieve sales leads in no time with the help of email lists for sale and marketing purposes. The benefits of using email marketing yields new clients as well as happy returning customers.

The business company’s name and reputation is also popularized and enhanced with the help excellent email lists and marketing campaign. To know more about marketing benefits facts, refer to the list below.


Fact #1: Repetition trick – Are you aware that most buyers need to see or hear the product’s advertisement at least five times in order for them to purchase a product or service? Do not expect that online buyers will immediately click that purchase button once they’ve seen it. They will browse more websites several times first before making a purchasing decision. In this way, having an email database for both first-time visitors and existing clients will help you to make repetition actions. These actions include strings of emails containing your product updates, monthly newsletter, and any related information that will try to pursue them to visit your website once again. This repetition trick is proven to be effective in most buyers.


Fact #2: Gaining new clients is hard, but retaining an existing customer is harder – If you want to improve your sales or email leads, you should not only concentrate in finding prospect clients, but also to maintain your existing ones. It is of immense importance that your email database should be updated from time to time so you can keep in touch to all your clients. Email lists for sale purposes should be strictly followed and not to be used in other forms.

Fact #3: As of today, more or less than 50% of total American internet user population is using email to check and receive letters. Just imagine the millions of people who can be prospect clients for your products and services. Email lists can be a very powerful marketing tool to reach this number of target market.

Fact #4: Aside from paid search, email marketing is the next priority choice of digital marketer to allot investment and business budget.

Fact #5: The survey conducted by eCircle showed that European marketers’ most well-liked online marketing channel was via email.

These facts emphatically lead to enjoying numerous email marketing benefits.



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