Fertiliser Plant Explodes in Texas

(Photo: AP)

An explosion in a fertiliser plant in Texas has killed more than 10 people and injured hundreds with dozens of nearby buildings destroyed and houses flattened.

The blast happened yesterday in downtown West which is 130 kilometers south of Dallas. Witnesses described the tremor caused by the explosion as similar to a small earthquake with a magnitude of 2.1.

Although the incident is still under investigation, officials from the emergency services said that ammonia may have triggered the explosion. There is also the fear of toxic fumes that could spread within the area.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has considered the incident as “truly a nightmare scenario for that community.”  He further declared that the “tragedy has most likely hit every family; it has touched practically everyone in that town.”

One of the residents in the West City said that he first saw fire and smoke from the fertiliser plant. This was followed by the strong explosion with hot embers, debris and shrapnel falling on the ground.

The search-and-rescue operations continue and the area was declared a disaster zone. The death toll from the fertiliser plant blast could possibly rise according to authorities.

The explosion happened days after the Boston marathon bombings which has brought scare and anxiety to the people of America.

Remains of fertiliser plant (Photo: EPA)



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