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Those who were born a few years after WWII are known as baby boomers. After them came the Generation X. Apparently, those who grew up with the internet and all the amenities it provided are dubbed the Generation Next. And this group of young adults love their music downloads.

Thanks to internet technology, young adults today do not need to go to the record store and browse through the CDs sold there. They would chuckle at the idea of those music shops being a hangout spot like it was in the 80s and the 90s. With their laptops and smartphones, getting music is as easy as 1-2-3 and happens in less than a minute.

Back then, one would have to listen to the radio or watch MTV to preview a new artist. If she’s good, if he’s amazing, then we’re off to the record store. Today, if one is unsure about this or that new singer, streaming music is possible.

But then again, who needs music streaming devices when nearly all songs from different genres and ages can be downloaded, even if one does not pay for it?

Illegally downloading music is also considered piracy and is punishable by law. A few have been apprehended already, slapped with jail time or oftentimes with fines to pay. Just recently, more laws, stricter ones with more severe punishments, have been passed regarding copyright infringement. But that was flung out the window – to the delight of young adults worldwide.

With over 70% of Generation Next admittedly downloading illegal music, it really would be difficult arresting and putting them all in jail. By the way, that number is just in the United States – what about those in other countries?

Some would say that the music providers should catch up with the youngsters and revolutionize the way people get their music – if they really aren’t earning from it. Apprehending them after the deed is done is pretty much impossible. They should think of how to nip it in the bud.

Or maybe, some would voice out, if music and all the other forms of digital media are priced cheaper, people would buy it instead of getting it for free. After all, everyone knows that doing this is illegal.

But the fact remains that this is how young adults view music downloads: it’s there and it’s free, so why not grab it? Unfortunately, for record studios, this sort of attitude is not likely to change anytime soon. And the 100 million unique users every single month will just follow suit.



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