Hexagonal Clouds Debunk Bermuda Triangle Mystery

hexagonalcloudsThe undying mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has long fascinated scientists and adventurists alike. From wormholes to alien abduction, people have tried to explain the weird incidents in this area. After having claimed lives, it is appropriately dubbed as the Devil’s Triangle.

For over a century now, ships and aircrafts have disappeared in this triangular area in the North Atlantic Ocean. Firsthand witnesses narrate their experiences in mostly similar ways. Ship and aircraft navigation systems go beserk. They lose contact almost immediately. Some recall thick clouds enveloping the vessels. Some alleged survivors of such disappearances claim to not remember anything or are stuck in a trance.

One of the biggest victims of the Bermuda Triangle was the USS Cyclops. It was a large carrier ship that supplied fuel during the war. However, 309 crew of the carrier were never heard of again, which was en route to their return from restocking cargo in Barbados.

The disappearances surprisingly halted after 2008, adding more to the mystery of it all. Unfortunately, by the year 2015, SS El Faro, a 790-foot container ship had fallen victim, also taking 33 crew members on board.

Even if strange circumstances have been reported since the late 1880s, this part of the Atlantic remains to this day, one of the busiest travelling routes.

But, what does really happen inside the Bermuda Triangle?

Experts might finally have an answer!

Satellite images have documented hexagonal cloud patterns within the vicinity. These clouds are apparent during a meteorological phenomenon, they call ‘air bombs’ or microbursts. Imagine an air pump with wind force as strong as a hurricane or even a tornado, surging from the clouds downwards. Since the force of these winds are downward and moves outwards in all directions, they are believed to be the cause of these hexagonal cloud formations. The massive wind force of this phenomenon can cause 30 to 50- foot waves, enough to destroy any vessel unfortunate enough to pass by. They compared these to another set of hexagonal clouds seen in the United Kingdom. Results were inconclusive. More evidence is needed to conclude that both areas with hexagonal clouds caused similar microbursts.

Can this meteorological phenomenon account for almost 1000 eerie disappearances within the triangle? And if that is the truth, what causes the high occurrence of microbursts in this area?

Though as plausible as this theory may seem, further studies are needed to confirm such theory. So, for now, the infamous Bermuda Triangle will still remain an enigma.



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