‘Historic’ Storm to Hit Northeastern US

Snowstorm 2015Emergencies have been declared by the government across Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey due to a ‘historic’ storm that is expected to hit the region later today.

According to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, in the next few hours, people in those regions will see “something that hits very hard and very fast and people cannot be caught off guard.”

As precautionary measures, private vehicles will not be allowed to use the city roads from 11:00 p.m.  Since the storm is expected to come in waves, from light to heavier snow, the residents have been urged to prepare and have extra necessities in their homes.

A snow emergency has been declared and authorities predicted that the storm may drop up to 3 feet of snow on New York and Boston. The strong wind may reach 55 to 65 mph and people will experience freezing rain.

Due to the storm emergency, almost 70% of flights have already been cancelled in New York area airports. Classes have also been suspended. Government authorities are now working together to ensure that people are safe.

For this kind of situation, the following tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are important.

  • Make a family communications plan in case you are separated from your loved ones during the height of the storm.
  • Make sure to keep ventilation to the outdoors clear when using kerosene heaters.
  • Put off travel. But if you have to go out, keep a disaster supplies kit in your car. It should include a shovel, windshield scraper, small broom, flashlight, battery-powered radio, extra batteries, food and water, matches, a change of clothes, a pocketknife, a first aid kit and blankets.
  • Check antifreeze levels, battery condition, exhaust and other vehicle systems before venturing out.
  • Stay inside as much as possible, stay dry when you do have to go outside, and watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia, including loss of feeling, uncontrollable shivering and disorientation.


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