Interesting facts about Digital Marketing in Australia

digimarketingThe debate over SEO, Online Marketing Strategy, PPC Campaign is nothing new today in Australia. In fact, it may be one of the most obsolete arguments that most online marketing pros never even think about anymore. Everyone knows that you can combine SEO and PPC to get the best online marketing results. The problem is many new businesses jumping into online marketing don’t know how to use these strategies together.

The Meat of Online Marketing: SEO

Search engine marketing can be considered the meat of online marketing. It has to be properly marinated and prepped and then needs to simmer for a long period, so the raw meat becomes well cooked, and all the flavors sink in deep. Then you can take it out of the pot and enjoy the rewards of intense flavor. In this case, the pleasant flavor is the love of Google, high rankings, top positions in the SERPs, and a constant flow of traffic.

Organic SEO works over time, which is a hard lump to swallow for a new business desperate to turn some profit and get on the right track to success.

The Potatoes of Online Marketing: PPC

PPC is the potato because it is secondary to the main ingredient, SEO. You have to pay for PPC while SEO is free, but PPC delivers instant rewards and is the friend of those who want to earn some profit right away. That is why many people will bring in some instant traffic through PPC while waiting for the SEO to be seasoned, marinated, and well simmered.

These are nice sized potatoes because PPC can be used for another very valuable purpose. It can be used for the testing out keywords and different strategies to develop a long-term marketing plan that pays off big time.

You can do the keyword research you may want, and there will still be the need to try out some keywords to see how they perform. Waiting for them to the simmer and also showing their outcomes through organic SEO would be inefficient since it takes so long, but you can get faster analysis through PPC. Once tested, those keywords can be added into the SEO plan as well for even greater long term results.

Putting the Stew Together

An effective marketing plan will take that well seasoned, simmered meat and put it together with the faster-cooking potatoes. It will stir everything together and allow one element to influence the other. The testing and analysis performed with PPC are used to enrich the SEO campaign over time. The eventual rewards from the SEO campaign give the PPC campaigns a break as they are not needed as much over time.

The key here is to get both elements of the stew brewing and allow them to merge in one pot over time. It is typically something that occurs over a matter of years. This is a stew that just gets better and better with age.

Of course, having great content on your Australian website where all of this traffic is flowing into is important as well. That should be taken care of through the SEO campaign, but it never hurts to mention it again. Seek help from digital agencies in Australia to make your online marketing campaign easier and get it done right.



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