Morzine Chalets Holidays

The Benefits of AliKats Mountain Holidays

AliKats Mountain Holidays is a privately owned site by the partners Al and Kat Judge to cater services like looking for chalets in Morzine, France in such a way that suits your budget and provide the best accommodation in the place. They offer several luxury Morzine chalets with the extravagance of service and style of a home like chalets for a perfect vacation travel.

Unlike other company, AliKats Mountain Holidays offers superb comfort to visitors such as:

  1. A free transportation from Geneva airport to the doorstep of the chalet you have reserved and vice versa on your holiday package.
  2. They also offer unlimited wines in good quality and a delicious meal for 6 nights of stay at the Morzine chalets.
  3. Together with the delicious and nutritious food in the table, suits your budget and health needs.
  4. Take advantage of lifts sites to the slope from the time 8:30 to 10:30 or 4:00 to 6:30 pm to your perfect town dinner. If you want to stay late in town, AliKats will arrange a taxi for your transportation to your chalets.
  5. The use of the outdoor hot tubs and sauna together with the robes, bath towels, slippers and toiletries.

All in one place perfectly describes AliKats Mountain Holidays accommodations. Some things to bear in mind is that of course it does not include your flight, insurance, ski lessons and many others.

During your tour, lunch is not included in the package so AliKats Mountain Holidays provide you a packed lunch but there are some restaurants in the sites that do not allow picnics, so you need to get your lunch from their own restaurants. Other than that, enjoy your stay in the chalets take with you great memories from Morzine.



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