New Caledonia – Paradise in the Pacific

new-caledonia-600x400Known for its amazing natural features and diverse mix of wildlife, New Caledonia is a popular tourist destination in the Pacific.  The archipelago is composed of islands which abound in palm-lined beaches and scuba diving destinations.

The main island, Grand Terre, is surrounded by massive barrier reef and famous for its major scuba diving sites. The capital city Noumea and the world’s largest coral lagoon measuring at 24,000 square kilometres are also located in this island.

New Caledonia has beautiful and bountiful sceneries that visitors consider the place as a lover’s paradise. The culture is a mix of French and Melanesia.

In 2008, the country’s massive coral reef was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Aside from splendid diving sites, the vast barrier reef is also home to green turtles, tropical fish, sharks, whales, sea cows and sea birds.

Wildlife abounds in New Caledonia.  Tourists will be fascinated with the flying foxes and exotic birds including the Caledonian crow which is known for its high intelligence

The luxury hotels, boutiques and gourmet restaurants are all located in the capital city.

Interesting places and activities in New Caledonia

  • Botanical and Zoological gardens with different species of plants and animals
  • East Coast has a lagoon, black cliffs,  a village surrounded by lakes and waterfalls
  • Ile des Pins is a beautiful island with white sand beaches, rainforests, orchids, pines and archaeological remains.
  • Mont-Dore is known for magnificent coastal views and amazing lookout across the surrounding reef.
  • West Coast has pure white sand beaches, caves and rock formations.
  • Boat trip in Melanesian canoes or sailing boats
  • Fishing expedition and underwater spearfishing
  • Hiking and botanical trip
  • Whale watching is good between July and September
  • Windsurfing in Noumea’s popular locations
  • Noumea Kite School offers a one-hour course on how to kite surf on the ocean
  • Jet Ski across the lagoons in Nouville

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