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There is one hot music library that is stealing a great deal of attention online. It’s Guvera, a free site for music fans worldwide. It is not only a place to download music but also a wonderful arena where you can get together with fellows who dig the same tunes.

Guvera offers an endless stream of great music from the biggest artists in the world. Here, you can discover, play, manage, download, and share all the songs that you love and all the songs that you realize you could love. It does not only have free music downloads. You can go a long way with your favorite tunes because you can share it via your social media network. You can also learn more about your favorite artists and what’s up and about in the world of music through the Guvera blog. Most of all, you could enjoy streaming music of all types because the site has it all in store.

How to Get Started

Joining the Guvera community of music lovers is easy. You only need to create an account at the site via Facebook so you can gain free access to your favorite tracks in full. You may also just register directly onto the site. After a few clicks, you will be ready to start downloading and even streaming.

Once you have created an account, it will serve as your ticket towards exploring the site. You can change passwords, search for your favorite music, create a playlist, and just enjoy great tunes all the time.

To find free mp3 downloads, you simply need to fill in the search bar with the title of the track or even the artist that recorded it. In a few minutes, you will be introduced to a list containing the elements of your search. You simply need to click on the exact match for your search and then press play or add it to your playlist.

“How do you create a playlist?” you might ask. Well, this again is very simple and easy. You just have to make your own collection of your chosen tracks and name it however you like. When you click on that playlist, you will get a constant stream off your favorite tunes. Just click the (+) button so you can add your free mp3 downloads to the playlist.


Guvera is available in Australia and the United States. Music fans from those regions can enjoy music downloads at their finest. It is not only about enjoying music but enjoying the kind of music that you love and you love to share. The site provides endless opportunities so you would not stop listening and sharing your favorite music to everyone who wants them as well.



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