South Korea’s Annual Cherry Blossom Festivals

Jinhae-Gunhangje-Festival-Wisata-KoreaBetween March and May, South Korea becomes  a popular tourist destination because of the beauty and fragrance that the spring season brings.  The warmer weather allows not only the flowers to bloom but also gives people the relaxing time to enjoy the beauty of nature.

During these springs months, you will be fascinated with the blossoming flowers, spreading out like a quilt. The mild spring temperature also attracts people to enjoy the wide array of outdoor activities. This year, the spring festival starts on April 1 and ends on April 10.

One of the popular annual spring festivals in South Korea which started in 1952  is the  Jinhae Gunhangje Festival in Jinhae-gu, a district in Changwon City.  The town of Jinhae is considered to have the world’s largest number of cherry trees.  More than 2 million visitors come to this world-class annual festival.

Indeed, it is an amazing experience to be showered with  cherry flower petals while strolling or having a picnic under the cherry trees in the parks.  Around 340,000 trees with its pale-pink blossoms dramatically bloom in this festival.

The other top attractions in this festival are the 800 meter section of flowers on the railroad by Gyeonghwa Station, and the 1.5-kilometer flower streams where visitors can enjoy the view of the beautiful spring flowers.

The other activities included in this event are  cultural performances, military band parade and fireworks display.

Listed below are some other cherry blossoms sites in South Korea:

  1. Jangboksan Sculpture Park –  10,000 cherry trees along the hiking trails and amidst the pine trees
  2. Jinhae NFRDI Environment Eco-Park –   65 species of trees and a variety of wildlife
  3. Yeojwacheon Stream –    cherry flowers on beautiful arched bridges
  4. Jehwangsan Park – climb 365 steps in order to get a panoramic view of downtown Jinhae blanketed with cherry blossoms

A visit to South Korea during springtime will make you enjoy the beauty of nature in a relaxing atmosphere.

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