The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your TV Wall Mount

tvwallmountMounting a flat screen TV on a wall is an easy and pleasing experience that homeowners can do and enjoy. With the popularity of flat screens, HD screens and plasma TVs, more people are mounting TVs on walls. The setup process is pretty straightforward and inexpensive. By wall-mounting your TV, you will only increase visibility but also create more space in your room. Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on setting up home entertainment, TV wall mount.

Get the right mounting bracket

Most flat TVs come with their own wall-mounting brackets. In case you don’t have one or want to buy a new one, there is a huge selection of wall-mounting brackets to fit different types and sizes of flat screens. Most online stores selling these brackets have easy mount finder applications that can help you find the right mount for your TV. While making your choice, consider the appropriate bracket for your screen size as well as the maximum weight it can hold.

Determine where you will mount your TV

To determine an ideal location on the wall, pick a point that is at normal eye level with the middle of the flat TV screen while seated. You don’t want to strain your neck or back by mounting too high. Picture clarity is best when you mount the screen to face you head-on. It’s a good idea to sit down and look at the point on the wall where you plan mounting the TV to check for any light reflection. Any potential sources of glare like open windows and a light bulb can cause unwanted screen glare. Buying a tilting wall mount can help you address this problem.

Decide where to run the wires

Figure out how you would like to run your wires before deciding where to mount your TV on the wall. Remember that TV wall mounts are most appealing when you don’t have wires hanging around. Everyone wants a neat and uncluttered look. You can use some methods to conceal your A/V and power cables such as in-wall options or simple and quick cover-ups.

Attach the mounting bracket to the TV

Go through the instructions on the mount kit to get this right. Carefully attach the mounting arms to the homes on the TV using the provided bolts. Don’t over tighten the bolts and don’t use a power bolt. The two mounting brackets should be level with each other. Set aside the TV and ensure the screen is facing upwards to avoid damage.

Set up the wall mount bracket on the wall

Find the two studs in your wall using a stud finder. Mark the location and center of each stud using a pencil and ensure they are even using a level. Drill pilot holes for the wall bracket bolts or screws using a power drill. You can now attach the wall bracket plate using the bolts and screws provided with the mount kit. You can use some help to make sure the bracket is firmly attached to the wall.

Mounting your flat screen TV

Check whether everything is properly setup and pick up your TV and hang it on the bracket. Ensure that you tighten the nuts that are attached to the bracket so that the TV can be sturdily fixed to the bracket. Finally, you can plug in your TV and power cables and turn on the power. Setting up home entertainment, TV wall mount is complete!



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