Travel Destinations in Thailand

Bangkok Grand Palace

The combination of cultural, historical and natural attractions makes Thailand as a great place for travels and holidays for many people.

Natural attractions like mountains, caves, waterfalls, beaches, flora and fauna make the country popular for adventurous escapades.  Thailand has also diverse and amazing activities that visitors and travellers can do such as kite surfing and hot-air balloons.

The best time to visit Thailand is mid February and till April. Although this is the summer period but the air is cool and dry. During this time, the mountain sceneries consist of blooming flowers, fogs and mists that so enchanting. You can also experience the traditional Songkran Festival held every 13th of April. Known as the Thai New Year, the day is marked by sprinkling water on the images of Buddha as act of reverence and also sprinkling water on each other’s hands to wish good luck.

For those who love the cold weather, you can visit Thailand in November till mid February. Temperature in the mountain areas go down to zero centigrade in some instances.

Here are some suggested travel destinations if you would like to explore Thailand.

  • Samut Prakan Province is a home of the world’s tourist attractions with its residential lifestyles along the channels and historical sites. It is also the place where world’s largest crocodile farmstead nestled around.
  • Samut Songkhram Province boosts of the  Amphawa Floating Market with many activities during weekends.
  • Kanchanaburi is a great place for rafting down the rapid streams while watching the delightful enchanted sceneries around the River Kwai, Death Railway.
  • Lop Buri. A haven for flower enthusiasts. The famous shrines of Khmer where the relics of King Narai’palaces is there surrounded by blossoming picturesque sunflowers.
  • Chiang Mai. From Bangkok to the mountainous panorama of Thailand lies the magnificent art of northern Thai rich cultures.  This the largest province of Thailand made famous by their most visited places such as Bhubing Palace, Doi Inthanon and Doi Suthep and many others. Flower festivals are held in this place too.
  • Chiang Rai. In the slope of northern Thailand at the heart of Golden Triangle, the famous and most viewed fascinating attractions, native inhabitant lifestyles and thrilling rides of elephants are found in the famous county of Chiang Rai.  This place is the home of the Mae Fa Luang Garden located in Doi Tung.
  • Lampang. Known as the solitary province of Thailand, it’s town, Lamphun, features lovely, gorgeous women, orchids, and historical and modern temples.  Horse drawn carriages are still their means of transportation in this place.

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