Travel Guide to Bali


Summer is approaching fast and you are wandering for a vacation spot with your love ones somewhere in Southeast Asia.

If you are considering Indonesia’s archipelago unhesitatingly, then you have to experience Bali yourself.

Home to ten thousand temples, exotic beaches and archeological Malayan culture, the existence of Balinese’s hospitality has never been this impressive.

So grab your backpacks ready and fly to one of the best tourist attractions in Southeast Asia.

The site of Bali is filled with countless history and magnificent landmarks since it was first inhabitant by Austronesians about thousands of years ago. The mainland is closely knitted to most of the Malayans people of Asia that is Malaysia, Philippines and Oceania. Bali is situated in the island of Indonesia, in between Lombok and Java region.

Influences of culture in Bali are imbued by religious status in certain territories. Hindu covers the vast religious affairs of their belief followed by Muslims. Balinese traditional crafts embrace religion as seen in offerings like “canang sari” in souvenir stalls. The incense sticks that you observe in Hindu offerings sprinkled with sage is done before the start of a meal.

Balinese traditional dance have always entice international visitors in the island. Tales of the Calonarang is uniquely played to forecast the ritual of witch-queen Rangda to cast out evil spirits. Rangda’s appalling spells has never been this magical in his performance. Monkey dance or “Kecak”, as what the locals called it, speculates a chanting performance of more than two hundred dancers dressed in their Kecak costumes. The dance shows up every day in Uluwatu Temple just thirty minutes drive from Kuta.

Bali’s mode of transportation varies depending to your destination. The Perama bus is one of the common budget transportations for tourists because of its convenience and inexpensive price. Metered taxis are also servicing by which charges will vary according to the said destination. Of course, every tourist would want to try the traditional ride of the famous minivan called the Bemo. However, prices pre-concept mostly to foreigners asking for more rupiahs.

Bali’s resort, beaches and hotels are the exquisites of the swirl. If you happen to fascinate water sports, grab your swimsuit and chill out in the coral reefs of Padang Bai stretching to Menjangan Island. Surfing in the southern coast of Legian and Kuta are famous for its pipeline wave. Surprisingly, local surfers also conduct teaching lessons for newbies who would like to style up their surfing skills.

We known that Indonesia colonized much of the biodiversity of nature. Golf course enough to attract the luxury of Bali comprises a 5-hole course of Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club and a 9-hole course of Nirwana Bali Golf Club.

Herding across to Bali bears a lot of lost treasures representing the ancient tradition of Austronesian culture. Travelers would often find Bali as a paradise but to the locals, it is simply exceptional.

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