Travel Guide to the City of Istanbul

Topkapi Palace

Filled with elegant and majestic structures and colorful history, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is one of the most desired places in the world for visitors around the world.

It’s filled with interesting places for travelers to watch for during the trip.

Aside from culture-filled population which pays much attention on religion, they also offer Turkish food delicacies that will surely leave a pleasant memory in your taste buds.

What to see in Istanbul?

There are many places that you need to check in Istanbul. If you want unique and serene experience, this is a perfect spot for you to go.

  • Topkapi Sayari – also known as the “Palace of the Canon Gate”, it’s one of the top favorites among tourists. Based on history, it was built during the Ottoman Empire with plenty of rooms, to house over a hundred of concubines, kids, and servants. You can also enjoy the Harem where you can see the courtyard, exhibiting wonderful artworks, mixed with gems and gold.
  • Sultan Ameht Mosque – What makes this mosque unique among the others is that is has a nice blue interior tiles. Its unique color makes it so popular and with the brilliant architecture, you can really appreciate its beauty especially when seen from afar.
  • Byzantine Hippodrome –considered as the center of Sports, as well as recreation in Istanbul, this is one of the most important places for travelers to see. Recently, there were plans for Istanbul to be the venue for the 2020 Olympics to attract many tourists to visit the place. It is also filled with historical sculptures which has an Egyptian theme.
  • Grand Bazaar – for people who love shopping, this is a great place to go.  It has a hint of medieval design, making it unique among modern bazaars in the world.

What to do in Istanbul?

Since the place alone is already splendid, simply walking by the walls, and strolling around the city will already be a great experience. You can discover every bit of history on architectural structures as well as medieval designed places.

To spice things up, you can also experience tasting Turkish delicacies on their popular restaurants, like ‘lokum’ and pistachios. Another great thing to do is to hang around the busiest bridge in the world in Turkey which is the Galata Bridge.

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