Travel Guide to South Africa

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There are very few countries that one can visit where every nook and cranny have something new to take photographs of  but, South Africa is one really big exception.

The country is so diverse and exploding with life that two weeks or two years is never going to be enough to fully enjoy every sight and sound that South Africa has to offer.

South Africa is also a home to some famous movies, Blood Diamond and the sci-fi underground hit District 9 being some of them. District 9 was set in Johannesburg while the other was primarily shot in Kimberley. Just consider the following travel tips.

Being on the southern tip of what could be the most blossoming continent in the planet where one can find several travel tours to go about the famed Kalahari Desert, the Kruger National Park that is home of the big four, and the historic Cape Point. These are just some of the numerous natural locales that one can visit.

There are so many different game reserves, fishing spots, and even golf parks for you to visit. Fishing is considered as one of the biggest sports in the country and this is why you’ll find a lot of different deep sea fishing tours available. You can also sign up for whale watching or to just go on a hiking tour to see more than 24,000 species of flowers, a majority of them found only in African soil.

A Different Kind of Party

If you are looking for a completely different kind of visit and you prefer to party all night then you could always go down to Cape Town, which is also the capital city and home of Parliament, and go for their famous wine vineyards.

The country has what could be the world’s best scenery for wine tasting; giving you the sweeping panoramic views of the countryside as you sit down to sip genuinely good liquor. Cape Town also has some really stunning night clubs and disco houses so if you are looking for a different type of wild life then this is exactly where you want to go. Also, while in South Africa you can go out for deep sea scuba diving and even shark cage swimming.

Knowing Your Way Around

There are eleven different officially recognized languages in South Africa, English being one of the main languages spoken and the other most widely used is Afrikaans. Afrikaans is mostly a derivative of Dutch and is the only other West-Germanic language spoken in the country other than English. All of the roads and major landmarks are written in English so you won’t really have that much of a hard time to get around.

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