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Scenic places are scattered around the world and every country has a lot of things to offer when it comes to tourism. Venice is just one of the most scenic, promising and well-visited tourist spot in the world. One of the businesses that have been doing well in Venice is its tourism because of its picturesque attractions improved by its sea front spot. Venice was established on 25th of April in 421 AD. By that time, it was not yet as noticeable as Torcello because it served as the running place of refugees during the attack of the barbarians. But things had changed when number of islands surrounding a lagoon joined by bridges was built. Its form of government was termed as Doge government ruled in 726 AD by Orso Ipato. It was after 1000 AD that people started to engage in commercialization.  Since people started to have business not only locally but with merchants from other countries, the evolution of the place became fast thus improving its tourism. There a lot of interesting activities to do in Venice like going on a trip using boats or riding in the gondola which are both good at relieving stress. In addition to those rides, a number of hearts and eyes captivating views are to be seen around the area. Here are some of the best places to visit in Venice.

  • Basilica San Marco is one of the most visited places by tourists in Venice because of its beautiful mosaic. Pala d’Oro is a work of art that is made of gold and is one of the most magnificent treasures is found in St. Mark’s church. Other fantastic things like amphoras, statues, and carvings are also found here.
  • Piazza San Marco or St. Mark’s Square is so popular in Venice. This is where the life of Venice is because of various cafés with live music which  gives the place a thrilling ambiance. At the entrance is the clock tower Torre dell’Orologio that has been existing since 15th century with its bell strikes each hour.
  • Ponte Rialto – It was in the late 1500s when Venice had a competition in designing a bridge made of stone that will be the substitute to the old wooden bridges. Many famous and best architects joined but the work of Antonio da Ponte got the merit. It is obvious that the name of the most popular bridge in Venice got its name from its designer.

What is a gondola? A gondola is a rowing boat that has been the primary mode of transportation within Venice, a city located in northern Italy. Known as the classical Venetian boat, it is now used mostly for tourism. A gondola ride is a delightful experience for people visiting Italy for aside from sightseeing it also offers special services like music and songs during the boat ride.  The boatmen or gondoliers who propel the gondola are friendly and also trained in singing.

The gondola ride is also one of the attractions at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  It provides the passengers 14-minute relaxing ride through the Grand Canal Shoppes as the gondoliers render their serenades. It can be an indoor or outdoor ride which includes gliding through shops or sailing as the wind blows.

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