Vietnam Sceneries

The verdant landscape, crystal clear waters, the soft white sand, the bustling capital of Ho Chi Minh and the rural villages of the north – just a few among many other sceneries that makes Vietnam an ideal haven for tourists all over the world.

Vietnam is blessed with much coveted natural attractions and magnificent beaches. One of the World Heritage site, the Halong Bay boasts wide array of coves, beaches, rock formations and caves unique to Vietnam’s artistic landscape. It’s a perfect place for tourists and visitors to spend some time during their vacation trip or on a weekend getaway. You sure wouldn’t want to miss such a stunning place as Halong Bay.

The Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam brings back a familiar and similarly popular tourist destination – Hawaii. Fine white sands and clear blue waters of Mui Ne in Phan Thiet and its nearby islands make this tourist attraction too hard to resist. Here tourists can indulge at the refreshing scenery and bask under the sun while enjoying quality time with family and friends.

Nature is at its best here in Vietnam’s Ba Be National Park and My Son Sanctuary. It houses a rich diversity of species of plants and animals in a splendid, scenic environment, great for exploration and relaxation. No wonder, it has become one of the most popular tourist spot in Vietnam.

The beauty and color of Vietnam’s natural resources mirrors the richness of their cultural heritage. Walk into the country’s past in historic places of Ho Chi Minh, Hoi an, Hue, and the ancient city of Danang. Monuments of the different dynasties have been carefully preserved to retain its pristine condition. These historical pieces of sculpture are considered national treasures and are kept by the Vietnam government with utmost care. Tourists can view this amazing works of art on display in these historic attractions.

Tourists and visitors will also be greeted by Vietnam’s hospitality and warm welcome. Accommodations are easily accessible at very affordable prices. It’s worth considering to make this place part of your vacation trip or simply just passing some time enjoying nature’s wonders.



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