Volcanic Lightning in Japan

Photo: ( Reuters: Minami-Nippon Shimbun )

For the first time in 52 years, Mount Shinmoedake, an active volcano on Japan’s southern Kyushu Island erupted.  This is the biggest eruption Japan experienced in 50 years. Although the volcano is in the remote area, more than 1000 residents were evacuated due to the volcanic ash and danger of debris and landslides. There were also reports of falling rocks and volcanic lightning as the giant lava dome continued to grow in diameter.

The volcano started to rumble in January 26, 2011. Authorities warned of possible powerful explosion due the formation of a huge lava dome. This natural disaster could shoot up massive clouds of volcanic smoke and cause pyroclastic flow or extremely hot gas moving fast in different directions.

The eruption has also disrupted the transport system with flights and trains being cancelled. The residents in the area has just recovered from the foot and mouth outbreak and now the volcanic ash is about to bring danger to their health.

Watch this video from itnnews:



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