What is Environmental Drilling & How it works?

environmentaldrillingHave you ever heard of the term Environmental Drilling before and wondered what in the world it means? I sure have, and when I think of the term, I think of one of those Disney cartoon characters speedily drilling a U-shaped tunnel with a drill. This obviously is far off from it actually is.

Environmental Drilling is a method used since the 80’s to investigate and monitor a specific job site. This method is generally used to test the environmental stability of the ground on a construction site. It is important to check for any wells containing water, stability of the soil, as well as any other issues that might affect the site. This type of drilling is also used on geological sites to gain soil samples, and to dig deeper into the other earth for any other historical artefacts lost over time.

There are various ways to achieve this type of drilling:

· Auger drilling is a more cost effective and efficient way of drilling and is used for environmental sampling, and creating boreholes

· Mud Rotary drilling is most used when drilling a borehole or well as it keeps loose deposits to the side, ensuring it does not fall into the hole being drilled

· Air Rotary drilling is a faster method uses, especially when drilling into an existing well. This method has less of an impact on the environment and can be used on rock formations

· Sonic Drilling is best used for soil penetration as it uses vibrations to loosen the soil. This method is definitely not suited for rock formations


Now Environmental Drilling certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. One must go through vigorous training in order to man the equipment, as well as understand what type of drilling is used for what type of environment. This type of drilling can happen in any type of setting, and to be able to achieve the desired outcome, one needs to understand the purpose of the drilling as well as what the best method would be.


There are various companies in Australia that specialise in this type of drilling, and they have trained professionals who know how to operate the equipment as well understand the requirements of drilling in specific sites. These companies are certified according the health and safety regulations. If you require this type of drilling for whatever reason, it is easy to search online and find a company suited to your needs.



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