What to do in Spring Time

Spring is one of the four seasons that occurs in many places all over the world. It is the transition period in between winter to summer.  This means the revival or rebirth of something covered for a long period of winter. Spring is a time where you can see the blossoming and growing of freshly green vegetation like plants as well as the rebirth of animals around.

In spring time, the axis of the earth is increasing its tilt towards the sun. The length of the day is significantly increased with respect to the earth’s hemisphere. Surroundings begin to warm and the ice from the previous winter gradually melt, making way for the new plants to grow and for streams to flow once again. This snowless season happens in the month of February in the Northern hemisphere and August in the Southern hemisphere.

Many people are delighted with this season because they can do their usual outdoor adventures, camping, walking with friends, and working for the future as well. However, during this time, some places also will experience flooding most especially to those who are near the mountainous areas because the heat in the surface melting the ice on the ground from the previous winter season. Aside from that, tornadoes and thunderstorms becomes a frequent source of danger. High winds are also an issue during spring time.

There are several countries around the world that experience spring seasons. Some of them experience the four seasons namely; the winter, spring, summer and fall. But most of the time, spring season occur in the humid areas near the equator like, America, Canada, Europe and many others.

In Europe, spring time is experienced from March to June. When travelers want to go there for summer trek, they should consider bringing special items, the right kind of clothing, what places they want to go as well as their travel and board expenses.

For some tourists, they prefer to visit smaller crowded places for sight-seeing. They should wear water resistant shoes, jackets and wool caps, wicking quick dry shirts, long underwear and hiking socks.



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