Day: February 22, 2011

Natural Disasters

Pacific Ring of Fire

Most of the earthquakes happen in countries that sit in the area called the “”Pacific Ring of Fire”. This is due to the drifting and collision of the earth’s crust called crustal plate.  It may also be the result of movements of the tectonic plates. More than 75% of the volcanoes in the world, both […]

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Natural Disasters Top News

Fatal Earthquake Hits Christchurch

A  6.3 earthquake that lasted for about a minute hit Christchurch lunchtime today bringing major destructions everywhere in the city, 65 deaths and hundreds injured. This tremor is just one of the hundreds aftershocks since the September 4 earthquake that measured 7.1 in the Richter scale. It struck 10 kms southwest of Christchurch and filled […]

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