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China’s rich and colorful history speaks to us today through its elaborate display of breathtaking tourist spots and sceneries. Among the country’s historic places, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City has become the most prominent tourist destination with over 10 million visitors every year. The West came to appreciate its mystique and awe-inspiring grandeur as one of Asia’s most popular tourist attraction.

One could never of speak China without mentioning the country’s iconic structure – The Great Wall of China. This 5,500-mile fortification was built to protect their country from foreign invasion. Their ancient culture puts much emphasis on building walls that they even took the Chinese character “wall” with reference to a city. Today, it has become a symbol of tourism, much different from what the ancient builders intended it to be. Its magnificent gateways, battlements, and scenic view of mountains and valleys have inspired millions of tourists to set their foot on this historic monument year after year. A section of the wall known as the Badaling was the first to be opened to the public. People who visited the wall experienced the thrill of walking back through time and knowing the country’s rich culture.

Another landmark that made Beijing a famous tourist destination is its historic Forbidden City. This formidable palace was the bastion of the great Chinese emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Its majestic courtyards and splendid view will mesmerize tourists who visit Beijing’s major attraction.

Just front of the Forbidden City  is  another tourist spot. The 440,000 sq. m. Tiananmen Square is one of the widest city square in the world today. On the north end of the square is a massive granite structure dedicated to the People’s Heroes. Here, people can witness the national flag raising ceremony at sunrise performed daily.

Tourists can visit these marvelous scenic spots any time of the year. But if you want to witness the country’s diverse culture and elaborate festivities, you may also visit them during the special occasions such as the National Holiday every October 2-3, or the International Great Wall Festival.

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