Experience: Wet and Dry Seasons

Several countries experience four seasons but countries that are closest to the equator and those found on the North and South Pole will experience only two seasons – like wet and dry seasons. Countries that are known to have this kind of seasons are Cambodia, Australia, Philippines and some countries in Africa.
In most countries like Cambodia, wet season comes from the gentility of the southwest monsoon which happens in the month of May to October. This season brings Cambodia’s and other countries yearly rainfalls. If you want to visit Cambodia this season, this could be the best time if you want to avoid the crowd. Cambodia’s dry season begins when the hot and dusty monsoon coming from the northeast arrives and beginning the month of October to April in the next year. During this time, Cambodia experiences high weather that can sweep you away.

In some tourist destinations in African countries, the beginning of the dry season coincides with the increase of measles.  According to researchers, this situation creates difficulties in agriculture operations and it will be impossible to see progress without the use of irrigation. During this time, farmers move to the near cities to look for another source of livelihood thus allowing diseases to spread more easily.
On the other hand, Asian countries like the Philippines experience wet and dry seasons depending on the amount of rainfall. Some places will experience rain all year round depending to what type of climate it belongs. Unconfirmed humidity is high in the Philippines. The high quantity of moisture in the atmosphere makes the hot temperature feel hotter due to different factors like extreme evaporation from the seas, the different existing winds in the seasons of the year and the abundance of rainfalls in the country.

Between the two different seasons, which is the best time to go out? Some may usually prefer to go out in dry season to refresh themselves, swimming or basking along the beach. However, some may also prefer going out during wet season for outing because by this time the sea is warmer and calmer for diving which is very good for those who have sea sickness.

Whatever the season is if you want to enjoy yourself with your families and friends, the most important thing is that you have to take safety measures first and foremost and make it your topmost priority.

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