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Heavy Monsoon Rains Submerge Manila

Almost 2 million Filipino people were inundated by floods and more than 300,000 were evacuated to safer places due to heavy downpours that hit the Philippines. Half of Manila, the capital city, has been submerged when monsoon rains caused rivers, dams and waterways to overflow and set off flash floods to the capital region and […]

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The Monsoon Phenomenon

Asian countries are likely to experience rainy seasons, mostly within the southern and eastern part of the continent. At some point, these rain-bearing winds become more severe and persistent, and affect a wider area than the usual rains and other forms precipitation. This phenomenon came to be known as monsoon. The word “monsoon” originated from […]

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Travel Weather

Experience: Wet and Dry Seasons

Several countries experience four seasons but countries that are closest to the equator and those found on the North and South Pole will experience only two seasons – like wet and dry seasons. Countries that are known to have this kind of seasons are Cambodia, Australia, Philippines and some countries in Africa. In most countries […]

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