Heat Waves and Wildfires Hit U.S.

Heatwave in U.S. (Photo:cnn.com)

Record-high temperatures causing heat wave and deadly storms continue to hit many states in America.  Thousands of people have been affected by the power outage when a deadly heat-driven storm hit the eastern United States last Friday.The worst hit areas are West Virginia, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Power companies have been in full force in repairing the damage and normal condition is expected by the end of the week. The current situation has been described as the worst outage in record with million residents living in the extreme heat  and without power.

Colorado wildfire

On the other side of the nation, heat waves and wildfires ravaged some parts of western United States. The tragic incident that struck several American states on the 28th of June has become a wake-up call to many people about the dangers our world is facing right now. Apparently, this is more than just the usual wildfires some countries experience periodically during dry season. Upon examining the extent of the damage and NASA’s image depicting the surface temperature of affected states, scientists have come to the conclusion that this event happening on a massive scale is a harbinger of a full-blown global warming.

Colorado wildfire (Photo: AP)

Extreme dry weather, lack of water in the atmosphere, and premature melting of winter snow have become the major recipe for disaster. It’s just a matter of time before heat waves set ablaze critical areas of Colorado into a raging inferno. Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah were also among the states that were devastated by the wildfires.

Large areas in Colorado experienced the brunt of the catastrophe, leaving 2 people dead and 340 homes in charred ruins. Over 800 firefighters rushed to the scene but could only contain 55% of the firestorm. Witnesses describe it as something like they’ve never seen before. It was a scene of apocalyptic destruction on a biblical scale. Entire neighborhoods were engulfed in flames. The searing heat and billowing smoke made things worse for the firefighters.


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