Heavy snow hits NY

Photo from NEWS.CN
On December 27, 2010, the New York metro was hit by snowstorm. The streets were covered with deep-piled snow and created chaos for transportation and travellers.
The JFK, La Guardia and Newark International airports were closed. The rail and highway transport systems were suspended if not cancelled. This winter storm may not be as worse as the 1978 blizzard that brought thunder, lightning and snow across the Northeast coast. However, it caused 20 inches of snow that covered the sidewalks and streets in New York City.

The snowstorm affected not only the travellers but also the retailing business establishments who were expecting customers during the clearance and post-Christmas sales.

On December 26, 2010, flights were also cancelled at O’Hare International airport and Midway airport, both located in Chicago, due to the snowstorm that engulfed the U.S. East Coast.

What is a snowstorm? It is characterised by winds measuring up to 100 miles per hour with heavy snowfall that can reduce the visibility, thus paralysing transport and movements.  Severe winter storms can create damages to properties and can be dangerous. The heavy winds and freezing rain can damage power lines, uproot trees and make a place isolated. A long severe snowstorm becomes a blizzard.

What to do during a snowstorm? It is advised to stay indoors and keep yourself warm and safe.  Always be updated with the latest news on weather warnings.



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