How to Stay Mentally Sharp

The brain is so intricate that even ingenious powerful microprocessors can’t mimic the operations similar to it.

So what is this neural structure that gives our strength, learning capabilities, reasoning, activities of daily living and many bodily functions?

Let’s bring the encyclopedia down to the center point of the study and take grab some essentials facts that only a few would know.

  • If we are pertaining to numbers and ratio of the human brain, we have about 60 percent of white matter and 40 percent of gray matter. These colorful matters sustain the integration of the brain itself.
  • Neuron, which is the basic unit of the brain, grows at a rate of a quarter billion in a minute in the first trimester of pregnancy. With about 100 billion of neurons, each neuron comprises from a thousand to ten thousand synapses. Moreover, 100,000 miles of blood vessels are run along in the brain.
  • The heart of the brain is your cerebral cortex. When you use if more often, it grows thicker inducing more capabilities to learn things fast.
  • Psychologists believed that those bilingual learners who speak two languages before reaching five years old have much denser gray matter.
  • Abusive behaviors done to children can hinder brain development and alteration to peers later in life.
  • As short as 10 seconds,  if oxygenated blood didn’t reach the brain, your will lose consciousness. Our brain can survive with no oxygen for 4 to 6 minutes. Eventually, exceeding the higher limit would result to irreversible brain damage.

Who is a ‘Supertaster?

There are hundreds of research on our senses and our responses. One of the fun facts that researchers discover is what they call ‘Supertaster’. Not everyone has this taste bud on his or her tongue. A normal individual taste foods response to a few flavors while super tasters can detect multiple types. Speaking of flavorings, a study was conducted that those who ate lunch without too much preservatives and artificial flavors gain 14 percent of confidence in certain IQ exams.

How to stay mentally sharp?

Brain development and stimulation by means of eating right, performing regular exercise and getting enough sleep are your main goals to live a healthy life. High fiber foods like oatmeal, whole wheat bread and pulses enhance your brain activity than those fatty meals.

Lack of exercise detriments your body movement. Less exercise will set your mind to be often lazy like a couch potato. Thus, suggest yourself for some running on a weekend. Sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours a day allows your cognitive function to work well.

If you think that the brain is simply a sole system, then you got the concept wrong. Our brain has a life of its own too where it grows and nurture from our mother’s womb and degenerates as we age.

Indeed, God is so great that He made us of who we are in every aspect of our lives as a living individual with an organ that regulates our philosophy day by day.

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