Interesting Facts About 9/11

September 11 is commemorated every year in honor of 2,751 men, women and children who lost their lives in one of the most tragic and deadliest terrorist attack in America. Now in its 10th year of commemoration, let us journey back in time and revisit some of the things about the event that changed America forever.

Here are some of the facts about 9/11, some of which have been publicized while others are still subject to further investigation.

1. People who died in the attacks came from at least 83 countries including Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, India, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Irish and Japanese. Of the 2,751 casualties, 2,118 were males and 633 were females.

2. The hijackers of 9/11 attacks had some training as student pilots in the U.S. The source came from U.S. Military confirming with the FBI that the hijackers who took over the four passenger airliners were trained in a U.S. Military facility during the 90’s.

3. Due to the extent of the calamity, it took firefighters 99 days to completely put off the fire. It was December 19 before Ground Zero was declared fire out. A total of 341 firefighters lost their lives in the aftermath.

4. A third tower collapsed just one block away from the twin towers. Unknown to the general public, another building (World Trade Center) WTC 7 went down without even getting hit by a single plane! A video footage of the actual event reveals a seemingly engineered demolition when the building pancaked after its windows shattered from what appears to be a well-coordinated explosion inside the building.

5. Despite the massive loss of life during the tragedy, 20 people managed to escape death after being buried alive under piles of rubble. Among these were two Port Authority Policemen who remained for 13-21 hours; a structural engineer and a secretary who remained underneath for 27 hours.

More stringent rules were implemented about restricted items since 9/11. Passengers of airliners are no longer allowed to carry gels, aerosols, perfumes, and other liquids greater than 3 ounces.

Cockpit doors are now made of much stronger materials to prevent unauthorized access. Pilots may choose to carry a gun for protection after being trained with it.

Another improvement in airport security is implementing stricter rules regarding identification checks and security screening. Security personnel received more training on performing searches. This was due to the fact that metal detectors may sometimes fail to identify or locate what caused the alarm in some subjects as what happened with the September 11 hijackers.

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4 thoughts on “Interesting Facts About 9/11

  1. I have seen the film “United 93” which is all about the heroism of the passengers of flight United 93 who revolted against the hijackers after learning of their suicide mission. It’s one example of courage and patriotism that we must always keep in mind.

    One interesting fact (or theory) I’d like to share about the incident is that the bombs used to take over the planes are actually fake.

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