Interesting Facts about Air Travel

In the past years, before the realization of aviation, it’s been thought of by previous people that Air Travel is impossible to achieve. But the concept of traveling through air has been fueled by the theories and ideas behind the kites, floating lanterns and hot air balloons, on many parts of the world.

The idea of making it as a means of transportation began when hot air balloons have become popular, through the innovations of Montgolfiers. It has later been enhanced by Jean Pierre, adding human power to hot air balloon, so people riding it can maneuver where it should land or the direction where it should follow.

When the Wright Brothers have flied the first air craft on December 17, 1903, it is then the beginning of air travel, as it brought the idea of aviation into reality. By then, it became a useful transportation means from World War One to World War two, until today.  In this modern era, air crafts are used for private as well as commercial mode of transport and play a huge part not only in the tourism industry  but also in economic growth.

Long Air Flights

One of the most exhausting trips is those, in which you need to wait hours and hours sitting on your place for your arrival.  Here is a  list of long air flights in the world:

  • London to Hong Kong – 22 hours
  • Singapore to Los Angeles – 18 hours and 5 minutes
  • Bangkok  to Los Angeles  – 17 hours and more
  • Newark to Hong Kong  – 16 hours to 19 hours
  • Los Angles to Dubai  – 16 hours and 35 minutes
  • Atlanta to Johannesburg  – 16 hours
  • Atlanta to Mumbai – 14 hours

Tips for long flights

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes Traveling isn’t that enjoyable if you wear clothes that don’t fit correctly. It also keeps you from experiencing also jet lags.
  • Eat and drink plenty of waterTraveling requires proper hydration even though you’re just sitting for long hours. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated so your mind keeps on running and you won’t feel nauseated.
  • Bring along stuffs that control boredom16 to 22 hours of travel can be exhausting. To avoid boredom, bring along with you music players, books and magazines.

Tips for First Time travelers

Stress and anxiety are never absent when it comes to travel, may it be short distance or long. However, the longer the travel, the greater the pressure and stress you may experience. Here are some tips for such type of travel.

  • Check your flight reservations – It is best that before you leave, you are already certain of the time of departure, the destination, as well as the things you need to prepare like visa requirements and other legal documents.
  • Be alert with the time zones – When you are traveling for the first time on international flights, it is important that you keep watch on the time zone. It will be announced while you are traveling.
  • Get to know the currencies being used in the country you’re planning to go to.
  • Bring only what you need – Your baggage should be as light as possible to avoid paying for any excess in the weight of your stuffs.


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