Interesting Facts about Gift Giving

The simplest thing that you give to others with no strings attached is shared through gift giving. A gift should always be free. However, in human society, the act of exchanging gifts or goods to others may contribute to stronger relationships towards other people. In addition, a gift may also refer to anything that makes people happier. It can be given as a favor, a gesture of love, gratitude, sympathy, and kindness.

Gift giving is one of the major subjects in the complex study of human behavior. According to psychologists, economists, marketers and anthropologists, they found out that giving gift is surprisingly important as a part of human interaction. It bonds and strengthens relationship within the family, relatives and friends.

Most valuable and notable gifts in the world

  • The largest gift the world has ever known is the towering Statue of Liberty found in New York. It is the gift from France to the US in the year 1881.
  • The most valuable toy gift of boys is the G.I. Joe, original design in 1963 of the real American hero which was sold for about $200, 000 in August 2003. The first G.I. JOE was recognized as the World’s most valuable toy soldier in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records in Dallas Texas.
  • The most wanted gift for women is the Victoria Beckham’s bags collection, the Cleopatra’s carpet, Beyonce Knowles’ ring, and the Taylor-Burton diamond.
  • For men however, the most valuable gift is another record holder of the Guinness Book of World Records – Clive Christian’s Perfumes. Clive Christian is widely known as the maker of the World’s Most Expensive Perfumes.

Interesting facts about gift giving

  • The history of gift giving will shed light to these interesting ancient practices in the ancient times. Some believe gift giving can be traced back around the time of ancient Rome. On the 1st day of January of  Winter Solstice, people give gift to each other during the celebrations. First it starts with evergreen branches then later developed into cakes as a symbol of prosperity and sweetness from the start of the New Year.
  • Several researches keep pointing back to that fact that gift-giving is an inherent social behavior in humans. It helps strengthen and boost relationships with each other. Sharing things that others want to have is a simple way to let others know that you care about them. This could also be a gift of thanks, and appreciation, during a special birthday celebration or accomplishing something in life.

Giving gift is something that happens normally in our lives. We do a lot of gift-giving every now and then. Even toddlers give gifts to their close friends. How important is gift-giving to us and why do we have such inclination to give?


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  1. I never knew this much about gift giving. Thank you for shedding light on how important it is for bonding relationships with the favorite people in our lives. I love the idea of giving cakes as a symbol of prosperity and sweetness from the start of the New Year.

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