Interesting Facts about Olympic Games

Are you aware when and how the Olympic games started?

This is actually a kind of festival, which is done in honor of the Greek god Zeus. This festival and games were commonly held in a rural sanctuary called Olympia.

The athletes who participated in these events were all male from the different parts of the Greek world. There were even delegated that have come from Spain and Turkey.

The Olympic Games during the ancient times started sometime in 776 BC and the rest is history.

Olympic Games Today

Every year, Olympic Games takes place and it is usually participated in by different countries all over the world. Basically, a particular country send a number of people who will serve as the country’s representatives for the different sports and athletic events that will be help in the World Olympic Games.

This is one of the biggest events of the year and people from all around the world stop with what they are doing just to see the competitors play in every event shown on TV.

Interesting Olympics Facts

  • The very first Opening Ceremonies in the Olympic Games were held in London sometime in 1908.
  • It was in the year 1912 when the last pure gold medal was awarded to the winner.
  • Spyros Samara was the person who composed the popular Olympic hymn, which is usually played when and during the flag in the Olympic Game is being raised. The international Olympic Committee declared this hymn to be the hymn of the Olympics and this was declared sometime in 1957.
  • Russia was known to be the country with only few athletes participating in the 1908 and 1912 Olympic Games respectively. It was in 1952 Olympic season when Russia has made it possible to take part in all the Olympic Games events.
  • All of the medals to be awarded to the winning individual or team are designed by the Olympic Games’ organizing committee. Generally, all silver medals to be awarded should be made from 92.5 percent silver while every gold medal should be plated with six grams of gold.
  • The flame of the Olympics is so popular. But, did you know that the first Olympic Games flame came out in 1928? The flame concept was derived from the Greek Olympic Games wherein participants in the Olympics lighted the flame and kept it burning from the start up to the end of the Olympics.
Olympic Torch

Olympics Games is widely known all over the world but the facts above may have become known to you just this time.

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