Interesting Places to See in London

(Photo: Chris Helgren/Reuters)

London is ready for the forthcoming Summer Olympics this July 27 – August 12, 2012.

This will be London’s third time to host the modern Olympics since 1908 when the country made a historic rise in athletic supremacy winning a total of 146 medals with the US trailing behind winning 47 medals at second place.

London was again the recipient in 1939 but the games were called off in 1944 due to World War II. Then in the year 1948, London hosted the summer Olympics for the second time, but unlike the first they lagged behind in the rankings ending up in the 12th place with only 23 medals.

The Olympic park east of the city will be the center of activity during the games. Playing venues for the 25 sports events include the Olympic stadium, Velodrome, racing circuits, arenas for basketball, handball, and hockey, as well as the Horse Guards Parade, Lord’s Cricket Ground, and All-England Club in Wimbledon for some selected sports events. Around 10,500 participants from 200 countries around the world will join the Olympics.

Before the game begins, let us take look at some of the best places to go in London.

1.    The London Eye – It is the most popular tourist attraction in London frequented by over 3 million visitors and tourists every year or around 10,000 people every day. Suspended 135 meters from the ground, people can experience a mixture of thrill and amazement at the panoramic view of London reaching as far as 40 kilometers in every direction.

2.    The Tower of London – Fabled as Queen Guinevere’s refuge in Arthurian legends and as a historical site of execution of the 3 English queens, the Tower captures the interest of many visitors as far as the story is known. They also get to see the Crown Jewels sparkle and shine right before their very eyes inside the citadel.

3.    Buckingham Palace – Walk down the halls were British sovereigns once walked. The palace is open to visitors on summers but originally it was only meant to raise money to renovate the Windsor castle. The place gained more visits and soon its popularity began to grow, so the Queen decided to continue the annual tradition of pilgrimage to the palace every summer time. However, you may not be able to meet the Queen at this time of the year since she’s in one of her countryside residences away from city life.

4.    Trafalgar Square – This place is oft remembered for the country’s symbols situated in every corner of the square – the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Whitehall, and Parliament Square. Other interesting places that gives the best visit include the World’s Smallest Policebox, and the London nose. People can also drop by to the Covenant Garden or Chinatown for window shopping and food tripping.

5.    Tate Modern – Artsy people will always find something interesting in London. This national library houses international and contemporary arts starting back 1900s. Entrance is free so you can visit all day long any time of the year.

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