Popular Travel Destinations in Europe

You can spend hours, or even days, just thinking of the best place to spend the week on a vacation trip in Europe. It’s hard to decide on which country and city to go first when they are all just begging to be visited – monolithic structures, magnificent palaces, serene mountains and sparkling beaches. To give you the best options here are some of the top-rated and most popular sites in Europe.


As a country full of historic places and attractions, France is undoubtedly the most famous travel destination in the world. France is one of the countries in Europe with the most lavish history, culture and fashion.  Its scores of attractions, including the world famous Eiffel Tower and the entire city of Paris (the capital city of romance), Atlantic beaches, streaming rivers, resorts for winter sport in the Alps, stunning Loire Valley castles and countless landscapes in the Provinces, are just some France’s most coveted treasures the country is truly proud of.

Venice, Italy

Ever heard of this place as overly crowded and expensive? Traveling to Venice is a sort of expensive and most of the destinations here are swarming with tourists. Nonetheless, Venice is a must-see destination that gives visitors a uniquely surreal experience compared to the other cities in Italy. Just sitting on your back while drifting slowly in their gondola and watching people walking along cobbled streets gives that feeling of excitement and leisure you’ll surely miss when you go home.

London, England

The most visited city for tourists who want to see real, world-class theater at its best. A trip to London is rather expensive albeit rewarding experience. Art lovers can’t get enough of the city’s overwhelming collection of genuine, authentic arts in their museums like Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert and British Museum. Buckingham Palace and Westminster Palace are also famed for their historic significance and majestic beauty.

Amsterdam, Holland

This city is a haven for cyclists because of its wide and even terrain. It’s quite rainy, though, so it’s kind of wet all year-round. April to May is tulip season in Holland. Visitors find this place quite liberating, especially to those who want that peaceful and quite atmosphere. Here they get to see the famous Van Gogh Museum, Royal Palace and Rijksmuseum.  It’s also a place for soul-searching, particularly in the house of Anne Frank, known for her very touching personal account during World War II.

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