Trip to Paris

For thousands of years, Paris has been known to be one of the most wonderful and most visited cities around the world. It stood as giant for its beautiful sight-seeing places, cultural and historical wealth. It is a wonderful city, well-known for being the “City of Lights”. And of course if you are planning to have a honeymoon trip, make Paris as one of your honeymoon destination – the “City of romance” where every couple can surely cherish and enjoy.

As you plan to have a trip in Paris, bear these simple tips in mind:

1.       Parisians don’t speak English. While planning to go to Paris, make sure to keep in handy a French dictionary booklet. You don’t need to learn a bunch of French but you would certainly need them to communicate with them using their native tongue, especially commonly used conversations like asking if he/she can speak English (“Vous parlez Anglais”?). Parisians will surely admire English speaking people if you will give effort to speak their language.

2.       August is the best month in Paris. Many tourists will flock to the city during this month to have their vacations and to enjoy the countryside beaches. Some business establishments such as restaurants, shopping malls and museums are closed until the end of the month. As one of their traditions, Parisians will spend this time with their families, away from their work. You have nothing to worry about your stay in Paris because most hotels, shops and restaurants are still available during the month.

3.       Public Restrooms structured on the Streets. Even if you spend all day walking and viewing those wonderful sights, you can be sure to find public toilets stationed everywhere available for use in just a few cents.

4.       Take a good pick of your grooming. France is a country of fashion. People are so particular with what you wear and your outward appearance. It’s quite a big deal in Paris. So, make sure to pack your outfits and apparels suited to the month’s occasion.

5.       View famous landmarks of Paris. To complete your Paris vacation experience, take a walk in their most famous Eiffel Tower, built thousands of years ago – a very impressive tower that has become the global icon of France. Make your trip memorable as ever before. If you’re an art lover, the world-famous Louvre Museum and Gallery is a perfect place for you where you can see firsthand the most magnificent masterpieces of famed artists like the Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci and many others.

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