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Shanghai China has the vast numbers of history bumping at any turns – rich culture and history, artifacts, attractions, landscapes, skyscrapers, superb cities – making China as one of the most popular progressive countries all over the world.

China has thousands of remarkable places and attractions that can make choosing the first destination quite a challenge for visitors. Vacation travel especially for the whole family is limited so we only give the best pick in this travel guide. China’s temperature may vary. Even in hot summer months, there are times when the coolest are at night. Great and affordable hotels around have heaters when it is cold or air conditioners when it is humid.

Here are the best places to visit in China:

1.  Shanghai

You would probably like to go shopping after having the tour. The city of Shanghai is just a train trip away from Beijing. It has a historical significance held as the new “Hong Kong” and has a great collection of shopping malls, cuisines, museums, monuments and everything unique in China. In nutshell, Shanghai is the commercial center of China. If you’re passionate with nature and flowers, Suzhou found in the west Shanghai has its famed Lingering Gardens.

2.  The Great Wall of Beijing

Your trip to China won’t be complete without seeing the great attraction of Beijing. The historical defense wall of China—Great Wall – was built during the Ming Dynasty. It has been the most visited center of attraction in China since it was opened for tourism. The wall runs about 373 miles covering the 827 cities of China with myriads of towers and 71 passes around. The wonderful beauty of the entire cities can be viewed from the Great Wall.

3. West Lake Hangzhou (Xi Hu)

Just few hours of train trip from Shanghai takes you to the splendid views of Hangzhou. Indulge yourself in the magnificent beauty of the water wonderland in China, the West Lake. The five-foot deep lake is often personified to Xi Zi, the ancient China’s most beautiful woman, because of its gorgeous panorama. Serene mountains on each side has always been popular as the spiritual home of Chinese exclusive culture for about ten centuries. In fact, it was inscribed in the World Heritage List last June 24, 2011 as having the longest history and the biggest influence in China’s culture. Whatever the season is, the natural setting of the beautifully shaped-peaks, trees and flowers in the gardens in springtime, the vista all in all is always pleasing to everyone’s eyes.

4. Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an

Another historical picture of China is the Terracotta warriors – one of the evidences of China’s superior military force.  These valiant armies buried in front of the First Emperor of China Qinshihuang’s tomb would serve as the emperor’s defense forces in his afterlife. These crowd includes the 8, 000 fighters, 130 chariots and more than hundreds of cavalry horses.

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  1. I take the train from Suzhou to Shanghai, train a lot, half an hour that may be caught up with the Mid-Autumn Festival, so many tourists in Shanghai. The train down subway, first Nanjing Road, along the Nanjing Road until you come to the Bund, the Huangpu River to sit over the tunnel to the opposite side of the Oriental Pearl Tower, Pearl of the Orient and from the tunnel + tickets for a total of 180. Or take the tanker off the Huangpu River, and from four and more economical. Oriental Pearl TV Tower festival board of visitors is very large, with a line up at least an hour, standing overlooking the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai’s urban construction had to admire, the perfect blend of old and new Shanghai. In this way, down from the Oriental Pearl Tower, do not worry go, there is a history of Shanghai show, I think it is a good spot. Back to Puxi, I called Ben Temple car, too many tourists, just rolled in the vicinity, did not go in, very regrettable. Shanghai’s road is not wide, traffic compared to Beijing, a lot smoother, individuals that contributed to the government-controlled motor vehicle license plate. Shanghai has had a number of prejudices, personal trip, could not but admire!

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