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Londinium is the first name given to one of the famous places known nowadays as London. This town was established by Romans. It becomes the capital of Roman Britain in replacement for Colchester way back the second century.

In this century the largest basilica was built together with bath house, temples, and a large fort for a city battalion as well as amphitheatres.

In the third century, Saxon pirates tried to invade Londinium which led to the building of several riverside walls which later became the spot in identifying London’s boundaries.

The name London is traced to many histories. It is also believed that it came from a name Kaerlud given by King Lud who became the city’s ruler. It is also thought that it originated from Celtics and belongs to a man known as Londinos.  It is also assumed that it came from the word Lowonida which means “river to wide to fort” which referred to the river of Thames.

Interesting facts about London

  • According to statistics out of 7.5 million inhabitants of London, 69.4 % of them are White, 10.7 % are Black while 3.5 % are mixed race.
  • In terms of religion 58.2 % are Christians, 8.5 % are Muslims, 4.1% are Hindus, 2.1% are Jews, about 15.8 % without religion and the rest are other sects.
  • Temperate Marine Climate is experienced in London wherein extreme low or high temperature can be rarely felt.
  • People in London speak almost 250 languages but the commonly used is English.
  • In Roaming around London travelers can use cars, trams and buses.
  • Cycling becomes a popular means of transportation for anyone who wants to stroll around the city.
  • And who would forget about the London Underground which is considered as the oldest and in the whole world the second longest metro system.
  • For tourists to know further about London’s culture galleries, museums and other institutions they are offered mostly with free admission.
  • The British Museum in Bloomsburry houses the national library and natural history specimens including 7 million artifacts from around the world. London’s National Gallery has a collection of Western paintings.
  • Famous designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, Galliano and Manolo Blahnik came from London.
  • Celebrations in this city include New Years Day, Nothing Hill Carnival during late August and the Trooping the Colour which is a formal military pageant celebrated in the month of June.
  • William Shakespeare also spent long years living in London.
  • Films such as Oliver Twist, Peter Pan, 101 Dalamatians and Notting Hill were taped in this city.
  • This city is a home of popular and classical music.
  • The largest pipe organ can be found here also.

What to see and do in London

The best time to visit London is during the summer season which is in the month of July and August.  As we know, in this city we cannot experience extreme weather. So during summer season people can’t feel extremely hot if they roam around the city. There a lot of indoor and outdoor activities in store for those tourist who wants to visit London.

Being a tourist in London you can avail a lot of activities for free.

  • This includes visiting art galleries such as the Tate Modern which houses contemporary art works and Tate Britain which focuses on British art way back the sixteenth century.
  • Aside from galleries you can also visit the museums for free. The Geffrye Museum makes you aware on how to live your life in London as well as it shows English domestic Interiors. Museum of London helps you discover London’s history starting from the Roman time until today.
  • Queen Mary’s Garden in Regent’s Park together with the St. Jame’s Park which has a view of Buckingham Palace can be visited by free. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen.  You can also experience a military tradition by which the Queen’s Guard changes at around 11:30 am everyday in the Buckingham Palace.
  • One of the attractions in this city is the Trafalgar Square by which you can see the national Gallery and the Nelson’s Column with the four large lion statues.
  • During December a Christmas tree is donated by Norway in this site to thank Britain. During the afternoon you can see street performers that love to get participation from the audience. They can be found in the West Piazza of Covent Garden Market.
  • Street Markets such as the Camden Market, Greenwich and Portobello are just a common site found in London.
  • You must not miss the London Eye which carries around 10,000 visitors every day using 32 capsules. When on you’re on the top of that capsule, you can experience 360 degree- panorama.
  • Fabulous crown jewels can be seen in the Tower of London.

London is one good place to be visited. It’s a place full of beautiful places and bombarded with historical spots which makes you really feel that you’re living in that place since you were born.



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