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New Year’s Eve Around the World

Different countries have amazing ways of welcoming the New Year. The spectacular fireworks display on New Year’s Eve lit up the skylines in major cities around the world. Every nation had ushered the annual event with optimism and positivity in facing the challenges that the year 2013 could bring. If some countries followed the traditional […]

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World’s Fascinating Bridges

The world focuses so much attention to tall skyscrapers that once and for all distinguish the nation’s landmark to reach high. However, come to think the reality of manmade beauty, there are bridges that we can appreciate more than just an enclosed infrastructure in the city. To lessen the burden of congesting traffic jams, strong […]

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Travel to Sydney

Wide and the densely inhabited, economically stable and globally competitive, beautiful cosmopolitan  Sydney is a city like no other.  You can imagine the feeling of amazement seeing the vibrant beauty of this place with its world famous attractions. Compared to some other cities of Australia, Sydney has improved its economy because of its innovative culture […]

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New Year’s Eve

The year 2011 was welcomed with spectacular fireworks display across the globe. Although Kiribati, one of the islands in the Pacific, had the first New Year, the major fireworks started in Auckland, New Zealand.  The 328-metere Sky Tower, the tallest man-made structure in the country, was the centre of the explosions of white, red and […]

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